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  • 2 days ago | Things To Do

    Thursday The Prism Creative Group has been busy pumping us full of Miami culture this summer. This week, it's gifting us a performance by Venezuelan songstress Manu Manzo, sweets by Elsie's Flour Shop, and food from Fufi Restaurant in the last ins...

  • 4 days ago | Things To Do

    Neo-Nazis are marching in the streets, Mercury is in retrograde, and the sun will disappear from the daytime sky in a week. It's OK to be a little overwhelmed, but you don't have to escape with a therapeutic shopping spree or a night of expensive ...

  • 7 days ago | Things To Do

    The tail end of summer is a mixed bag - on the one hand, endless diaper rash on parts of your body you didn't think could sweat; on the other, the final vestiges of the kind of reckless abandon that only college kids on their off-time could imbue ...

  • 9 days ago | Miami Music

    In case you're in a heat-induced stupor, yesterday was 8/08 — meaning August 8, but also 808 Day, a celebration of the electronic drum machine. You know, the one that Future and Jay-Z have shouted out in lyrics, the one countless other artists hav...

  • 9 days ago | Things To Do

    Thursday A life of controversy and drama can seem like good press for a young artist. But Kodak Black's trips in and out of jail on charges ranging from drug possession to sexual assault have hampered his stardom as opposed to helping it. Still, S...


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